Malina Investment Holdings

Reg. No. 2011/140707/07

"We invest in companies that generate above average returns"


"We believe in proactively exploiting business opportunities, which will also enable us to empower others"


"We firmly believe in the fundamental principle of BEE based on sound commercial basis"


1. Introduction


Malina Investments is an investment holding company pursuing business opportunities in various sectors based on strategic fit and expected returns. Our primary focus is strategic equity investment in businesses with high growth potential and businesses generating high cash flow.


2. Values Add Proposition


Our partners benefit by partnering with an organization of parties that are hands-on and become operationally involved in the business, where we can add value. We believe in partnering with organisations that enable us to fully participate meaningfully in the operations of the company.  With many years of business experience at the highest level we believe we can add value and unlock value for mutual benefit.


Despite enhancing the BEE scorecard, our partners also broaden the economic participation of previously individuals. We have relationships with a network of strategically positioned individuals that enables us to offer value to companies that intends partnering with Malina Investments.

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained"